Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Focal Point

Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Focal Point

Picking wall mounted coat rack can be done carelessly if you are thinking of how it can be the focal point on a wall. Normal-looking wall mount coat rack is not enough to make such attention. Avoiding common look of it and picking the different one can be one way to obtain interesting look. Since it is coat rack, it often has a design that is made of horizontal bar of wood with metal curved thing for clothes or hat to hang on. Even so, let the writer share you with the other designs here.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack Designs

As it was said earlier, in order to make focal point, different wall mounted coat rack must be chosen. The first design that the wrier want to share here is the spectrum-looking one. It might be very simple, but it is different than the others. To be exact, the design is made of single metal that is made into a wave look. Of course, there are hooks attached on it.

The other design is made of rhombus shapes in which each of them is attached next to each other. As you might already know, rhombus shape has four corner points. In this wall mounted coat rack, each of those corner point has one hook. In other words, one rhombus shape has four hooks. Well, if it is two of them, then there will be seven hooks, not eight because one hook is shared together by those two.

The next design of coat racks that are wall mounted is made of steel that is formed into grid pattern. Its design might be near the one with single horizontal bar, but it is not as common as that. That is why it still looks unusual than the others. The hooks are made high and low in turn, so they contribute in making focal point to the wall with this wall mounted coat rack. See, different and unusual design can be something interesting on the wall, right?

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