Wall Mount Fireplace: So Amazing that You Can’t Ignore It

Wall Mount Fireplace: So Amazing that You Can’t Ignore It

Just how it is called, wall mount fireplace is a fireplace that is hung on the wall. However, it does not mean that it is just a normal one in which we have to put logs and light them ourselves with matches. Fireplaces are made so amazing nowadays. You will be surprised by it and can’t be bored seeing it. Since it is wall mounted fireplace, it can serve as wall decoration too. Let’s discuss it in this article.

Recent Modern Wall Mount Fireplaces

Normally, you would think that fireplace is placed on the ground against the wall. It needs logs as the fuel and match to light them. It is made open so that the heat can fill the area near it. Furthermore, it has long chimney that goes through the roof for the smoke to come out from. Recent modern fireplace is just totally different than this traditional system. Wall mount fireplace is what has been in demand due to its great system.

From the design itself, as you know, wall mount fireplace is floated on the wall. It is square or rectangle and does not have chimney at all. Well, there is its design that is made open, but the one with cover is more common. Of course, the cover is made of glass so that you can see inside and it can serve as lively decoration as well. You see, modern wall mount fireplaces are fueled by bio ethanol, gel, or even electricity.

The one with bio ethanol for example, has white cobble stones placed inside. Once the fireplace is lighted, you will see the flames dancing on it. It is not different to the one with gel fuel. There is one design that seems to have three rings placed on the ground inside the fireplace where the flames are coming from. As for the one fueled by electricity, it has glow logs as well as flame flickering effect to provide real look. Just so you know wall mount fireplace will not release any smoke and odor.

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