The Magical Frameless Wall Mirror

The Magical Frameless Wall Mirror

Hunting the interior design for a house is never found the satisfaction. Your desire to beautify your interior will always develop. That is why, in this case, as a suggestion, you will need frameless wall mirror. This design is strongly different from other mirrors walls. This is specifically how to create the mirror which is usually square and circle more wonderful. Perhaps, one of you will think how to install them on the wall when it is frameless. That is reasonable question and you will get the answer and some variants motif that may interest you below.

The variants detail

First is the ethnic design as frameless wall mirror. This design takes the Chinese culture. This has eight angles. Then, the frameless of the wall mirror with this design is decorated by the hard surface by the chemical lubrication. Consequently, the hard surface will create the carvings detail such as the dragon, the flowers, the Chinese zodiac and etc. Then, you will probably find out other ethnics detail if you search it on the internet service or the magazine. They provide more variants about the ethnic frameless.

Second is the contemporary design. This is made like the shield shape. With the same material and the same chemical lubrication, they create the motif there. Yet, it is tougher. Basically, the appearance for this design mostly on the triangles shapes. Then, frameless wall mirror with triangles are developed on some concavity. They add the chubby on two angles to produce the aesthetic elements.

Then, the last frameless wall mirror is the modern art. This does not mean as the opposition of the ethnic. The different only from the appearance, the manufactures create the detail with the best cutting and laminated the frames with the glue. That is why the frames look like the frameless. To exemplify is the moon burst of wall mirror as frameless wall. The shape is a half moon and this has the detail with the chemical lubrication.

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