The Breaker Room Design As Mirrored Walls

The Breaker Room Design As Mirrored Walls

Talking about the interior design for the modern house is never end. The designers always develop one by one the interesting style for this theme. One of the creations which are wonderful to be seen is mirrored walls. This idea is to divide a large room the mirror arrangements. To exemplify is the table mirror framed by the aluminum. This example of mirror walls divides one room to be two. Based on the appearance, they are 3 m x 5 m x 4 m and they consist of six coulombs and tables.

In every coulombs and table, the mirrors are set up perfectly. Moreover, some designers also decorate mirrored walls as that example with the sliding door. In fact, there are two mirrored as walls in one room. Then, you are installed by the wheels on the top and the bottom of the walls. With this design, you can create the functional doors of the walls. Moreover, other designs that you may interest is the carving detail of the walls.

The turkey wall mirror

In this case, this design is inspired by the classical idea of the turkey mirror. They are colorful and it reflects the aesthetic elements. Different from the previous mirrored walls, the turkeys carving of mirror can be applied directly into the walls. In fact, the combination color of the wall will determine whether it is good or not. Then, some patterns or the motifs that you can use are the piece of the mirrors.

That is about mirrored walls that you can install in your room and maximize the large room. Some details and the motifs are surely posted on some sources. For the basic ranges of the product, you can purchase it only with $ 45.00. The price will be different for every item based on the size and the material.

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