Great Place for Holiday: The Wailing Wall

Great Place for Holiday: The Wailing Wall

Do you have any plan for visiting a great place around the world? If you have that desire, I want to tell you about a site for recreation that will make you feel a strong spiritual feeling which is combined with a great amazement of historical site. That place is the Wailing Wall which is located in the Jerusalem which has lasted for many centuries in the holy city, Jerusalem. This wall is the religious site of Jewish people that consists of many religious values.

The Special Things about the Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall is a stone wall which extends up to 62 feet in height. This wall is really sacred for the Jewish people and this wall surrounds the great temple of Jewish people in Jerusalem. This wall is believed to be the place for Muhammad, the prophet of Muslim, when he has a journey to the god’s palace in the night journey. Each year, this place is visited by many pilgrims who do pilgrimage and pray in this great wail wall.

The Wailing Wall also a places for Jewish people for pouring their heart content to the god. It is said to be a medium that connects them to god directly. Many people say their complaint, their wishes, their muses, their sadness, and other things in this wailed wall for getting the blessing from god so they will find a better luck in the coming days.

As this wall is really great, there are some divisions of places which exist in the Wailing Wall. The first is the temple wall and al-buraq wall. In this wall, most people will say their prayer in front of the wall and wishing that their grace will be granted. Now, you see that this place is really great to be visited and you better start to plan for a holiday in this place as you will be able to do a religious journey.

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