College Design For Wall Mounted Bookshelves

College Design For Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Having wall mounted bookshelves for the students who live in the dormitory is the best way to arrange the mess stuff to be tidy. This item is really valuable if it is functioned to keep the book in your rooms. You should prefer this item because when you use the cupboard to save the books, it is not efficient; however you will be bothered for opening and closing the door. Even the space for a door is not seriously enough for small dormitory.

In addition, wall mounted bookshelves have variants of the levels. Then, you can choose the stairs based on the space of your rooms. To exemplify is three stairs with five divides. This is called the modern pattern of five borders. For this item, you have to make sure that the walls are surely strong to hold with the nails. At least, eighth nails will pin this wall mounted of the bookshelves. In addition, based on the appearance, it is white and it is an open design. You can put the book there directly.

This will be wonder because four coulombs are enough for the books 75 cm tall while the smallest one in the middle of the wall mounted for bookshelves are sufficient for the book with 50 cm tall. On the other hands, if you require the smallest one, you can apply wall mounted bookshelves namely the brown pattern of the wood. This is originally made from the wood and the manufactures leave the natural pattern on the painting.

Other material for the bookshelves

The designs above are all made from the wood. As the opposition, you can take the stainless steel material as wall mounted bookshelves. For the function and the detail, they are almost the same. Yet, the strength is not really equal. As a recommendation, it is better that you have to prefer the wood material or choose the stainless steel material for small design.

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